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Founded in 2008, Guangzhou Faicai Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a hairdressing product production and processing company integrating product research and development, production, sales and service. It has long been committed to the research of hair care products and biological sciences. And application...



Kelishow star color dyeing design...[Facai business school]

Kelishow star color dyeing design...
Time:2019-06-11Source:This station
Three-star hair dye design process :(three) samsung pricing Example: scalp protect ser...

Kelishow professional hair dye process...[Facai business school]

Kelishow professional hair dye process...
Time:2019-06-11Source:This station
1: Hair quality analysis before dyeing 2: Determine the color "using professional color strips to...

The Advantages and Features of...[Facai business school]

The Advantages and Features of...
Time:2019-06-11Source:This station
Features: kelishow, we have introduced exclusively techonology which have passed American TRI-K ...
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